Keeping busy – the cottage style

Cutting the lawn, gardening, animals and for those not wanting to brave the weather – kitchen duties, chopping either veg for lunch or fruit for pudding, polishing glasses, sorting out our CD collection and choosing music for the day, reading, puzzles, knitting …… living

IMG_20170317_190522 IMG_20170317_113057

IMG_20170317_113016 IMG_20170317_113011 IMG_20170317_113032 IMG_20170317_191009IMG_20170318_111258 IMG_20170318_111121 IMG_20170318_111143 IMG_20170318_111614

IMG_20170318_130129 IMG_20170321_103824 IMG_20170321_110112

IMG_20170321_103919 IMG_20170321_103904 IMG_20170321_103840

IMG_20170321_103833 IMG_20170321_110259 IMG_20170324_114833 IMG_20170321_122643IMG_20170319_144830

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