It is just Tuesday

Walk with the best view in town, boxing and fitness, games in the lounge, gardening and sing-along and music. Phillipa wnt to town to help with some shopping. Gerry is now finding his way around the garden and spend the whole afternoon straight after lunch in the garden and continued after supper. Ethel and Kay turned an empty raised bed into an allotment with lettuce and Parsley. Dennis and Meg helped too. Rene, did his daily cleaning rounds and Harry continued with his project. Everyone enjoyed the singalong Tuesday music and Ethne enjoyed the laughs and banter. Claire spend a lot of time outside taking walks and enjoying a lovely afternoon. Joy and Bob loved the singalong with everyone else. By the way, the activities white unit is working wonders. Puzzles, Boogle, etc are all being enjoyed. Bettie loved the word game boogle and is very good at it as is Gerry.

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