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Introducing Kathy and Maddie

When Kathy joined us a few weeks ago, she preferred to stay in her room most of the time, and didn’t seem to be very happy. It was clear from her response to Archie that she loved cats and so we thought perhaps she would enjoy looking after one herself. Today we visited the cat rescue centre and collected Maddie who is eight years old. As it turned out, by the time we had gone through the Cat Resque vetting process, Kathy had become more sociable, spending a lot more time in the lounge with other residents and being happier in the process. So perhaps she is less in need of a ‘personal cat’. It appears that we now have a second community cat which is no bad thing given the demands on Archie’s time!

Maddie is affectionate but quite shy so for the moment she is acclimatising in Karen’s office. Cathy was at any rate happy to meet Maddie…

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