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How do you know it is really warm outside?

Sybil has been soaking up the sun on the terrace for starters! Great week last week in the cottage too and let us hope for more warm days!

IMG_20170520_115549 IMG_20170520_115621IMG_20170521_114944

IMG_20170520_122322IMG_20170521_121715IMG_20170521_153748 IMG_20170521_144218IMG_20170526_120127 IMG_20170521_144232 IMG_20170522_112234IMG_20170524_155613 IMG_20170522_112210 IMG_20170522_113817 IMG_20170522_112241IMG_20170526_120122


IMG_20170524_154343 IMG_20170524_154348 IMG_20170524_155613

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