Fresh approach to games

We started with bowling and croquet, and then moved onto darts. Real games and real competitions. We now moved onto puzzles and games.

We have refreshing, new puzzles. Evocative images and titles that allow people across different ages and with different life experiences to relate to. They invite conversation and create a vibrant environment. These new puzzles suit experienced and inexperienced puzzle players. They are an ideal game to spend time with when you come to visit our loved one. All puzzles are in the white dresser in the lounge so please feel free to use them. They come in 15, 24 and 35 pieces.

We also have a new indoor table top game, originated from Shove a Penny. The shuffleboard game is simple – see how many discs can you flick through the target holes. A game of luck, simple and fun. Can be played by two or more people. The more the merrier! The shuffleboard is next to the white dresser. Have a go when you visit next.

We also have large print crosswords, puzzles, word searches and reading books. All in the white dresser. Feel free to browse when you come to visit. Both the puzzles and the shuffleboard are new in the market from and have been welcome by residents.

All these are great when the weather is not great and people prefer to stay indoors.

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