Cold and rainy morning……

does not necessarily mean we have nothing to do. Reading, crosswords, Boogle (word game), Puzzles and shuffleboard. And for those looking for more there was still the fitness class with Mick 😀

The two questions to be answered are: which is the better way of ‘shoving’ discs in shuffleboard – flicking with fingers or shoving with your hand? Is this merely a game of luck or skill? Rene and Reg could not agree today. Today’s results were Reg won against Rene and Joanna, Rene won against Meg, and Meg won against Joanna.

Harry and Dennis got completely engrossed in Boogle which they first started playing with Gemma and continued for a good while on their own. 

DSC_0149   DSC_0163 DSC_0156  DSC_0164

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