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Merry Christmas!

From all the residents and staff at rose Lodge.

It was wonderful to see so many family joining us today – thank you 1

Our harvest service

So much about dementia care is about creating the right environment, to allow people to connect with what is happening ant so they can join in a meaningful away. And so it is with our harvest service which was a great success.

Isn’t Pauline just wonderful ?

The monthly service is becoming a real event, greatly enjoyed by residents and family alike. Pauline is just wonderful and we are really greatful for her passion. The gentleman doing the reading is one of our residents, who used to do regular readings in church – his delivery is perfect.

When the resident does the bible reading…..

the reader can sit down!

A little Easter magic…..

Every now and then there is a little magic at Rose Lodge.

Like last Sunday, when Pauline and Tony Mortimer led a beautiful Easter Service at Rose Lodge, complete with readings, songs, prayers, communion, and a blessing.

A couple of residents told me afterwards how much they enjoyed the service including one resident who said she had not been to a service for many many years. The ambiance and environment created by Pauline and Tony really helped the residents to connect with the meaning of the ceremony, and so many were able to participate in a meaningful way and derive some comfort from it. This really was a bit of Easter Magic and we are very grateful for it.