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Our beloved Rosemobile…

…is without a doubt one of our best ever investments. Its gets us out for trips and medical appointments,  and we use it to collect and drop off people for our social club and day care. You will often find it by the Esplanade as we never get bored of seaside walks. I haven’t posted a picture of the beautiful creature for a while so here it is in all its glory, by the seaside of course!


Birds and cats…

…provide something to fuss over. At the Cottage today.

Walking along the back lanes.

Portrait of the week

Our art display board showcases the work of our resident artists and gets refreshed every week. It’s great to you see your work displayed for all to see and to share it with your friends.





Angie’s art class

At the Cottage today, Angie’s weekly art class is always a hit with some new theme to explore. While some residents prefer a quiet chat with a friend..