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Tinka brings people together…….

and provides much better entertainment than Television!

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Tinka’s extended family

Tinka has been blessed with a loving extended family. Her aunties and uncles shower her with love, patience and laughter. She comes home at night and sleeps through the night.

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And the one became three……

chickens that is. Our single lonely hen now has two other mates. Chris brought them in on Thursday. The first few days were all about establishing the pecking order and now all three are friends and laying eggs!


Keeping busy in the garden

…. pottering and looking after the animals. Today chickens and the rabbit had their ‘home’ cleaned out and made fit for the king. Reg made sure that everyone including doves have food and fresh water. What a team! 

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Rose Lodge’s First Babies

Yes, it is true. We have had our first babies at Rose Lodge. It seems we have either two or three baby doves – difficult to know exactly as they still have not left the dovecot! We have been watching them this afternoon looking at the big world from their nests.

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