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Christmas Already??!!

This year we are painting our own Christmas canvases which will replace our existing pictures for the duration of Christmas festivities. Under the guidance of Debs the canvases are coming along – watch out for the finished masterpieces




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Welcome Tricia

Tricia joined our community in the Lodge and is getting to know everyone. Tricia enjoys the garden and went to feed the fish this morning well wrapped up. Tricia joined Naomi’s choir today which she enjoyed together with everyone else – the room was full!

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What is the secret of Ladies Team high scores?

Tim believes he discovered the secret of our Ladies Skittle players. Cannot wait till next time. GWRSA thank you very much for welcoming us!

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Moving to the 70’s with a night of Burt Bacharach

A super fun night with Penny, Geoffrey, Sue, Margaret and Sue. Sue  knew all the songs!!

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Jack’s audio books

Jack loves his audio books and it is important that they are sent off on time to be replenished. Combining trip to the letter box with some tea at the Devoncourt Hotel is a great idea!

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