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Exmouth in bloom – our flower bed

It’s really exiting that we are now part of Exmouth in bloom
with just a couple of weekly visits our green fingered gardeners
are making amazing progress

Keep checking back here for more photos as our flowerbed develops..

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside.

Off for a stroll to the seafront near Orcombe point, making the most of this wonderful weather.
We are so lucky to have this on our doorstep.

The Game of the Year

Nobody suspected that today’s trip to GWRSA for skittles will turn out to be the game of the year. This was an amazing game! We had two spares – Ron and Scottie scoring 12 and 15 respectively! We had a perfect 9 from Peter! We had a 9 from Joan and 8 from Betty! The men’s team won with 124 against 97 by the ladies team! Finally they made it! And so enjoy the photos of: 1) Len being commiserated after scoring a perfect 0 2) Scottie scoring his 15 3) Peter scoring and congratulated for his 9 4) Betty’s 8 and Joan’s 9. Apologies for not catching Ron’s 12! We will try next time to catch you!

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Wednesday Party Time with Tony

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An Old Rocker at the Cottage – welcome Nigel

Nigel moved in yesterday to our community in the Cottage and it feels he has been there for ages. Tony, our guitarist has a new groupie – Nigel admitted he is an old rocker and he loved the music! At this rate Nigel will be running soon! Welcome Nigel

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