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Another great morning at our active corner!

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A very creative Xmas

this year was a very creative Xmas with may decorations made by residents. With Debs leading the creatives, the others followed with superb decorations. There was lots of fun, making friends and unleashed creativity.

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An Old Rocker at the Cottage – welcome Nigel

Nigel moved in yesterday to our community in the Cottage and it feels he has been there for ages. Tony, our guitarist has a new groupie – Nigel admitted he is an old rocker and he loved the music! At this rate Nigel will be running soon! Welcome Nigel

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Celebrating Xmas at the Lodge !

Sunday was the night – the famous Karen’s Xmas party. We had music, we had games, we had santa (well, Santa’s Elf), we had food and most importantly …….. we had our friends and families! A special thank you to Karen, Ann and Sharon for the wonderful spread and all the staff. Wishing everyone a super Xmas

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Christmas Concert at the Lodge

we had a special treat this week with a wonderful Christmas concert with the superb Withycombe Raleigh Primary School choir consisting on the day on 30 amazing singers. What a treat! Thank you!

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