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The perfect morning

A one-to-one beauty pampering session gives a massive boost to how we feel. Doreen was no exception today – facial, manicure, make-up and hair. Thanks Teri!



Oh Sylvia…

You are SO glamorous!

Our Activities programme for Spring 2012


We have added Yoga to the programme a few weeks ago, which is going very well. Art isn’t on the programme as a specific activity, though several residents do practice their art at Rose Lodge. If anyone knows of an art teacher who would like to lead an art class once a week then please let us know.





Helping around the home

Drama Club


Helping around the home

Gardening and live music


Helping around the home

Singing circle and Nails and beauty


Short outings or walks

Pub Quiz


Crafts and Rose Lodge Ramblers



Helping around the home

Film on TV


June really enjoyed her manicure by Donna today. Interestingly the men seem to enjoy manicures as much as the women do.

Meet Annabel

Annabel is our most wonderful ‘so much more than a’ hairdresser. She is ever so patient with residents and always chats with people and she makes sure that she does their hair just how they like it. This makes having your hair done a pleasurable activity. Really she’s a carer in disguise, and she seems to be enjoying herself!