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Where can one find the ladies on Monday?

In the beauty salon with Annabelle having chat over a cup of tea/cofee and while having your hair done. Bunny who comes on Mondays loves her pamper time in the salon, while Betty is usually the first customer in the hair salon. Kay likes spending her time in the salon with Betty – both have wicked sense of humour, like chatting and being pampered 🙂

IMG_1453 IMG_1454 IMG_1455 IMG_1456


Who says beauty salons are favoured mainly by females?

Brian is one of the fans of pampering, chat and his men – Dean Martin, Steve McQueen. Dean Martin for his voice and Steve McQueen for the motorcycles.

DSC_0077 DSC_0078

Harry enjoying a foot spa this morning


In the Salon

Phillipa and Meg enjoyed their beauty sessions today manicures and makeovers are free at Rose Lodge.



Men like a manicure and Brian enjoyed his session this morning


Men love being pampered too!

Our salon is a great success! The best evidence of that is listenting today to Brian who with the biggest sparkle in his eyes and a smile is describing the salon, the furniture, the pictures, what Meia did with him and that from now on he will be going there every week.  This morning 8 residents enjoyed their time with Meia!

The best thing is that residents now like popping in there while someone else is being pampered just to have a chat, listen to music and read a magazine! Yesterday Anabelle was busy too all day pampering both gents and ladies.