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Catching morning sun



Our Indian Summer  gets us out. A lovely morning on the terrace after morning walks. Bliss….

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Gentle garden work in the afternoon sun

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Nothing can beat eating your own grown fruit

straight from the branch  🙂

IMG_2358 IMG_2359

Summer time and the living is easy…..

Blackberries on the go, ice cream on the seafront, watching the tomatoes grow and catching a lift with joggers  🙂  And why not!

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Whatnots vs Allsorts

on the lower lawn in the afternoon sun. Whatnots won! Incredible…. perhaps the Allsorts’ (Reg, Kay, Harry, Richard and Ron)  laid-back mood of the South of France summer had something to do with it?

An afternoon of Quiz, gentle gardening /socialising and relaxing left everyone feeling good.

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