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Exmouth in bloom

Monday’s green fingered super gardeners..

Every Monday we head down to our flowerbed in Exmouth, we think it will be our turn for an award in 2019, our gardeners are amazing.

Time for a break 🙂

Coral is a gem

Coral taking pride in her flower arranging,
they look lovely Coral

Exmouth in bloom – our flower bed

It’s really exiting that we are now part of Exmouth in bloom
with just a couple of weekly visits our green fingered gardeners
are making amazing progress

Keep checking back here for more photos as our flowerbed develops..

A beautiful day in the garden

What a lovely day to tend to some flower arranging, we are making the most of this wonderful weather in our garden.



Keeping active

With so many things to do here at Rose Lodge, our personal favourites are always enjoyed
from completing a crossword to checking on our herbs and veg (they are growing really well)