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Fitness Rose Lodge Style

Fitness is important to us all, as is the opportunity for a social gathering and a good laugh. Bettie scores high on the last one! Even Phil could not resist it!

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Annual Bowling Competition

We played our Annual Bowling Competition today.

The players included Gerry, John, Dennis, Harry, Reg, Kay, Meg, Joy, Barry, James, Peter, Joanna with support from Claire, Rene, Ethne and Clorin who watched the games. Last year the residents knocked out staff during the heats (!); this year James, Barry and Peter had very good games. We will announce the winner and will have the handing over of the trophy to this year’s winner next week so watch this space. Gerry could not stop himself from moving the chairs back onto the terrace after the game – thank you Gerry!

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Just Living

And enjoying it along the way

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The bowling Club Welcomes John and Peter

Today, the bowling club welcomed officially John and Peter. Peter drew with Reg and John won against Sylvia. Both John and Peter who joined our social club enjoyed the game and the company of Gerry, Rene, Harry, Dennis, Gerry and Reg and continued over lunch on the upper terrace with a glass of beer shandy! Thanks to John our garden got a shower of well needed water

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3 hours in the life of the garden

Our living spaces work so well as we keep on improving them or their use. The beauty salon is such a success, the lounge feels homely and at the same time vibrant and active, and the garden is an extension of our indoors. With good weather we seem to be living there. The range of different spaces our garden offers, together with the different products for active living and the social environment make it a wonderful space which continues to delight all of us. From quiet time on your own reading, snoozing or watching the world go by, to taking a stroll, playing games, socialising and debating, listening to music, working out, gardening and working, lunching and drinking tea/coffee, entertaining friends and family…….. we can keep going on. Starting in the morning the garden takes us through to the evening allowing different people to enjoy it in their own way at the same time. In the words of Kay – an elegant living.

These postcards of “The afternoon in the life of the garden” were taken this afternoon after lunch (in the garden of course!).

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