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Monday postcards

How knows how to make a swan napkin, drama club (12 people!), pottering around the garden and bowling of course. Dennis has a great competitor behind his back – Garry is getting practice having not played for a while!

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Quiz time with Maz x

The residents love their weekly pub quiz with Maz.  Harry’s team won but only just !!!



A new drama society?

How do you get complete silence in the lounge with staff and residents completely engrossed in what is going on? Join our drama club! Or is it a society? Today half of residents joined the drama club, so we had a fair amount of musical chairs an hour before……. Within minutes the remaining residents, visitors and staff stopped to listen to beautifully read poetry, prose and joined in the final sing-along. It was truly amazing.


43-7th jan 2013 drama 44-7th jan 2013 drama2

Pre-Christmas Cultural Afternoon

This afternoon, with a lounge full to the breams, we all had the pleasure of watching a theatrical recital presented by Maslen and two of her actor friends. Poetry, scenes from plays and novels – everyone was captured and not a sound could be heard! Thank you Maslen 😀

As of today all 4 Christmas trees of assorted sizes have been beautifully decorated by residents and staff. Christmas trees look stunning and carry their own themes – silver, golden and white, red/green/gold. Tomorrow table Christmas decoration will be prepared by the residents as well. Just as well, the party is this weekend.

30-10 december 2012 advent recital 33-10 december 2012 advent recital4 35-10 december 2012 advent recital6 31-10 december 2012 advent recital2 36-10 december 2012 advent recital7 47-10 december 2012 advent recital18 46-10 december 2012 advent recital17 45-10 december 2012 advent recital16 44-10 december 2012 advent recital15 43-10 december 2012 advent recital14 42-10 december 2012 advent recital13 40-10 december 2012 advent recital11 39-10 december 2012 advent recital10 38-10 december 2012 advent recital9 37-10 december 2012 advent recital8 34-10 december 2012 advent recital532-10 december 2012 advent recital3


Christmas Panto

Another great production prepared entirely by the drama club. Enjoy!