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We love our drama club!

This is always a well attended event and today there were 14 people who joined the club and then there was the audience  😀 With a Halloween theme, Rene gave a scary act!

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Drama Club……..

The well attended Drama Club has adopted recently a theme of people selecting a name for themselves ideally starting with the letter of their name and today we continued with the team’s creativity. Also, there has been  ‘A positive Thought for the Week Ahead’ . We noted them again.  They speak for themselves.

drama club members

drama club



A thought for the week ahead

Another Fabulous Drama Club. Those not actively reading, enjoyed beautifully read prose and poetry. At the end Maslen asked everyone for their positive thought/word for the week ahead. No-one expected such depth of thought, choice of words and openness in sharing one’s feelings – not surprising we only managed to write down some of them.

PS    Ethne loved the club today and enjoyed talking to Maslen in her response to ‘thought for the day’.  😀

drama club


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Drama club?

Our drama club is very popular in our community. Some come to listen to beautifully read poetry and prose, some to read to others. Today the club met on the terrace enjoying the sun and the freedom to listen to others reading while looking after the garden. We stayed on outside for afternoon coffee and a quick game of bowls.

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The magic of a beauty salon visit to Annabel

Us women know the magic of a new haircut or a new hair colour – it makes you feel good and beautiful. Ethne loves her smart haircut and went on to enjoy listening to the read prose and poetry during the drama club on the terrace. Doreen emerged this afternoon with amazing new colour feeling great – the smile says it all. Thank you Anabel 😀

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