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Our new beauty salon

You will be pleased to know, we are all ecstatic here, that our new beauty salon is up and running. Anabelle, our hairdresser loves it and so do her customers. A proper hairdressing sink with adjustable height means hair is washed easily, our proper hairdressing swivel chairs allow people to move in and out easily, the shelving and storage makes it easy to keep things tidy. Mirrors, black and white canvases of stars, music and a cuppa create a lovely atmosphere for those using it. 

Meia joined our team recently and took over our beauty sessions which run Wednesdays and Thursdays morning. During these sessions residents can enjoy a foot spa, facials or face cleansing, head/hand/foot massage, manicure,make up or  blow dry. Most of all they love the quiet time spent with Meia chatting, listening to music and enjoying this wonderful tactile experience.

Welcome Meia!


Postcards from Sunday

A wonderful lazy, enjoyable and sociable Sunday. Our garden works so well these days and becomes the centre of our social life. The pictures say it all.









Making the most of good weather

The second day of sunshine (after the party) and it’s all hands on deck in the garden. An al fresco dining offer was taken up by most people and the pergola worked great in the heat. We stayed in the garden till supper time – a perfect day.


Party Time Everybody!

Unplanned events often work out just great. We made an impromptu decision to cook on the barbeque  and we all had a great afternoon – great food, great music ( thanks Rene), great company!

I found out a couple of things – 1. it does take at least 4 men to guard the barbeque and  2. even men like a glass or two… of punch

And… Jo and Rene could consider a career on stage !




Heath Robinson would have been proud…

…..of our anti-cat device underneath the dovecote. Not sure it will the stop squirrels though…..