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The garden is open for business, When Harry met Ron and Bunny and Spring

Bliss, finally a beautiful day. Morning  fitness with Mick, and there was a dash to the beach.  The sun so warm we spilled out straight after lunch and it was only rain that pushed us back inside at 3.15pm! Gerry and Reg took a walk and fed the fish. Meg helped with sweeping.

Ethel and Ethne loved listening to the spring sounds  and views (yes, daffodils!) , Kay and Betty chatting away and all four watching men at work.  And men we did have! Ron continued with digging out what was a very big and prickly shrub and Harry helping out and supervising. And as you would expect they moved after that to discuss the important aspects of wisteria 🙂  It was great to see both Harry and Ron enjoying doing something they love and enjoying each other’s company. And if that was not enough Harry has now got a second garden mate – Bunny. Where do you find Bunny on the terrace? Under the raised beds cleaning the paving 🙂

And the gardening was followed by another wonderful live music session / music quiz. As usual Eileen and Clare enjoyed the music tremendously watching John’s playing. We all had a super day!Let’s pray for more days like that…

IMG_1633 IMG_1635 IMG_1642  IMG_1640 IMG_1639 IMG_1644 IMG_1638  IMG_1650 IMG_1649 IMG_1647  IMG_1645 IMG_1653 IMG_1652 IMG_1651 IMG_1643 IMG_1630 IMG_1632 IMG_1629 IMG_1631 IMG_1637

Rose Lodge’s First Babies

Yes, it is true. We have had our first babies at Rose Lodge. It seems we have either two or three baby doves – difficult to know exactly as they still have not left the dovecot! We have been watching them this afternoon looking at the big world from their nests.

IMG_0492 IMG_0493 IMG_0494 IMG_0495

Helping hands

The desire to help others does not discriminate. And it will present itself across all boundaries.
Today Rene took care when someone else felt lost by spending quiet time in the garden, John was a gentleman when walking with Joy, and then with Harry made sure Kay was safe when they took to the sun.

20130729-181750.jpg  20130729-181806.jpg 20130729-181834.jpg 20130729-182717.jpg

3 hours in the life of the garden

Our living spaces work so well as we keep on improving them or their use. The beauty salon is such a success, the lounge feels homely and at the same time vibrant and active, and the garden is an extension of our indoors. With good weather we seem to be living there. The range of different spaces our garden offers, together with the different products for active living and the social environment make it a wonderful space which continues to delight all of us. From quiet time on your own reading, snoozing or watching the world go by, to taking a stroll, playing games, socialising and debating, listening to music, working out, gardening and working, lunching and drinking tea/coffee, entertaining friends and family…….. we can keep going on. Starting in the morning the garden takes us through to the evening allowing different people to enjoy it in their own way at the same time. In the words of Kay – an elegant living.

These postcards of “The afternoon in the life of the garden” were taken this afternoon after lunch (in the garden of course!).

17 03 01 05 04 07 06  08  14 16 13



2013 Garden Games Season is Open

We just could not sit inside this afternoon with the sun shining, no wind and spring in the air! Instead we decided to open our garden games season. While the lawn is far too wet for lawn bowls we had a good game of skittles on the terrace organised by Chris. Excellent scores from Doreen, Joy, Bob (who came today for the first time) and of course Chris. Meanwhile Ethel and I inspected the raised beds and I noted carefully Ethel’s advice on the geraniums that survived Christmas. Everyone went down to the lower garden to check the veg raised beds, our fruit shrubs covered with buds and herbs. Bliss! Ah, yes – gardening season is fast approaching  🙄

60-9th jan 2013 open garden12 55-9th jan 2013 open garden7 51-9th jan 2013 open garden3 50-9th jan 2013 open garden259-9th jan 2013 open garden11 58-9th jan 2013 open garden10 57-9th jan 2013 open garden9 53-9th jan 2013 open garden5 61-9th jan 2013 open garden13  59-9th jan 2013 open garden11 62-9th jan 2013 open garden14