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Keeping busy in the garden

…. pottering and looking after the animals. Today chickens and the rabbit had their ‘home’ cleaned out and made fit for the king. Reg made sure that everyone including doves have food and fresh water. What a team! 

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Getting ready for the week ahead

on Mondays with whoever is happy to get their hands dirty. The chicken shed was cleaned and the roof washed (not a very popular activity I admit). The rabbit hatch was lovingly cleaned by Joyce (who else – Joyce adores Sooty). Rene did not forget about his furry friend either and picked some crunchy green fibre while Harry, Gerry and John looked for blackberries.

The terrace and the lower path needed a good sweep – thank you John and Meg! And we thought it is a good time to get some blackberries – perhaps Mondays are not the best day for that considering everyone was out over the weekend picking. Still Ann had enough for apple and blacbberry crumble – yummy…….

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Monday’s Busy Mornings

With the brilliant weather, we too took a “mañana” attitude to daily chores, like cleaning rabbit and chicken sheds. This morning was a good time to catch up with the chores. John, James, Gerry and Phillipa worked hard while the rest of us worked hard on getting fit for the summer!

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Work time?

Early morning is a good time for bunny to enjoy warm summer air, Joyce’s love and carrots  😀 Ann gets her two out of five a day lettuces and so do the chicken. When done, it is time for a rest under the cedar tree with Harry.

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Oh kittens!

cute they are and delight everyone and most of all full of mischief. Climbing everything that could possibly be including curtains, bird’s cage, chicken shade net and sleeping wherever they please regardless of who occupies the seat at the time. Today Kenny (I think it is Kenny) was sprawled on the chair and refused to wake up despite being cuddled and moved.  Finally, Doreen managed to wake him up in time for super.

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