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Go for the triple letter

The best way to play scrabble is to read something first, to freshen your memory with a few large words.

Or you could always use a tablet to get some great words..

Party Time

We had a fun packed day scheduled, but
the weather has forced us to change our plans.

We were planing on a firework display around 5.30pm and a little bonfire to burn the Guy Fawkes.
Unfortunately due to high winds and rain, we have decided to postpone the fireworks night to different date this month.
Keep checking this blog for news and updates.
For today we will all stay indoors where it is comfy and warm.

We will be re-scheduling our fireworks night, keep checking this space to be kept informed..

Remember Remember the 5th of November

Bonfire night will be with us soon.

We are busy building a guy for the bonfire.





We are just hoping that the weather will hold out for us for Saturday night

It’s almost Halloween

Take a look at some of these pumpkins

They are works of art you all should be proud.

A Great British Tradition

Fish and Chip Friday’s

After speaking to our residents, Fish & Chips from the chippy is now going to be a regular occurrence,
The fish & chips went down a treat, we all can’t wait until we get them again.