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We love our drama club!

This is always a well attended event and today there were 14 people who joined the club and then there was the audience¬† ūüėÄ With a Halloween theme, Rene gave a¬†scary act!

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Drama Club……..

The well attended Drama Club has adopted recently a theme of people selecting a name for¬†themselves ideally starting with the letter of their name and today we continued with the team’s creativity. Also, there has been¬†¬†‘A positive Thought for the Week Ahead’ . We noted them again. ¬†They speak for themselves.

drama club members

drama club



Tuesday’s gardening club

Another wet and damp day today. Meia was in the garden with Sylvia, Meg and Harry checking on the greenhouse and chickens. Ethel. Philippa and Doreen created beautiful spring table arrangements.


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