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Cameron speech today at Alzheimers Society

Our comment: Words are powerful but only if they are followed by action – let’s hope this is the start of real national action to cure the condition and to better support people living with it. In the short term much of it comes down to money and certainly in Devon, care home funding for people with dementia is nothing short of shameful. We know from Rose Lodge that the cost of providing good quality dementia care is more than the funding available from Devon County Council.



There are some challenges in our national life that get a lot of headlines, like the debt crisis.

But one of the greatest challenges of our time is what I’d call the quiet crisis…

…one that steals lives and tears at the hearts of families…

…but that relative to its impact is hardly acknowledged.

670,000 people in England are living with dementia today.

Each of these is someone like Enid Russell.

Twenty years ago Enid was diagnosed with dementia.

She’d been a mother, childcare worker and loving wife to George for many years.

George says that “she’s still the lovely Enid” he’s always loved….

…but – for the past four years – she no longer recognises her husband.

It is almost impossible to imagine seeing the one you love slip away from you while physically, they’re still there.

And every day, hundreds of thousands of these tragedies are playing out behind closed doors.

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