Burn’s Night?

Tomorrow is Burn’s Night. While there is no Scott among us that did not stop us from having a get together to have the Haggis Toast with a glass of sherry and listen to Burn’s best loved poems and songs. Surprisingly most of us enjoyed the taste of haggis with a glass of sherry. Betty, Meg, Sylvia and Joy loved it so much they had extra servings:) Is Maslen Scottish? Her take of the Scottish accent was amazing and Dennis, Birt, Rene and Kay rose to the challenge!

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  • The people at rose lodge who attend my drama club on a monday are amazing.You are all so creative in speech and movement.I love coming each week as you are all so inspiring.Thank you to those that took part in our pre burns eve..and no im not scottish..im from the isle of wight! X

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