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Behind the scenes

new store room at Rose Lodge

new store room at Rose Lodge

It’s not all glamour and fun at Rose Lodge, and we have been busy behind the scenes to improve the working environment for our wonderful care team.

Over the past few months we have been working hard to make the best use of the space we have available at Rose Lodge. Earlier in the year we re-organised the medication and laundry cupboards which is making life easier for the care team. Happy carers make for happy residents!

Over the past few weeks we turned our attention to our other storage areas. With three different storage cupboards things were forever ending up in the wrong place, so we stripped down our largest storage cupboard and refitted it with custom built shelving so our equipment and consumables now have their proper place.  And with a coded key access to the new storage cupboard it means everything is put away securely and not posing a risk to any resident who might otherwise wander in accidentally.

It looks a bit like a swedish sauna, don’t you think ?

Over the next month we will be converting the two redundant cupboards into a (small!) admin office, which then will allow us to bring our current over-sized office back to its original use, which is a resident’s bedroom, and this will enable one of the people on the waiting list to join our little community.

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