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Beacon School invasion!

Out for a stroll

Veg garden after first day of project with Beacon School

Today saw the start of a week-long community project with 30 pupils from the Beacon School in Exmouth.

As we are quite a small home the pupils were divided into three groups. The first group sat down with residents in the dining room, asking the residents about their memories of childhood, and then they joined in our weekly drama class with poetry readings and a singalong. The second group was out making lovely paintings of the gardens at Rose Lodge. And the third group was put to work in the vegetable garden. And work they did! they laid a path, dug up and raked the soil, and planted a whole range of vegetables: Rhubarb plants, garlic, onions, leeks, and potatoes, and then they constructed a netting frame so we could protect the newly sown vegetables. I could not believe how quickly they picked things up and how hard they worked.  Putting rotted horse manure on the newly planted rhubarb was a particular pleasure for some! 

We were so busy I never had a chance to take a picture of the children hard at work. As I went out later to take a picture, one of our new residents joined me for a stroll, and he was suitably impressed with the children’s work.

More tomorrow…..

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  • […] Those lovely people from the River Cottage’s landshare scheme were so impressed by the work done by the children of the Beacon School, that they decided to document it as a case study on their web-site, to stimulate other schools and care homes to work together to grow vegetables. Many care homes have unused growing spaces and many schools have none at all. By joining up, both sides can really benefit, as we have found with our community landshare project with the Beacon School. […]

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