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All resistance is futile – Naomi is in the building!

In case you have not met her – the lady with the guitar is Naomi. It is not just the guitar mind you – it is the warm and friendly personality, the big smile, the voice and then magic happens. People love joining the singing group – whether it is to sing, to listen to others singing songs we remember or have not heard before, to socialise.





Say it with flowers and a letter


A secret recipe for an invigorating morning

Ingredients: hats, gloves, coats, walkers, Ian, Lynda, Rosemobile. Mix together and finally add the seafront at Budleigh Salterton.

Men at work

We love watching men at work!

We are getting towards the end of converting a number of bedrooms specifically for people with early dementia. Like the other rooms in the Cottage they have level walk-in showers, and dementia friendly furniture and furnishings to the specification that won us a Gold Award for design from Stirling University. This means that we will be able to admit more people living with early dementia, and so balance out the number of people in our two communities. The builders are working closely with us to make sure that the resident’s daily lives are affected as little as possible. In fact for some of the residents the building work provides for an interesting and ever changing spectacle…

New extension

This pretty garden shelter was built when we converted a couple of bedrooms to the full Cottage specification which is designed specifically for people with early dementia. The shelter gives residents a convenient resting point on the way to an outing, or just a dry place to watch the garden in the rain. A new raised bed will shortly complement the shelter, and we have asked a local artist to paint it with a fantastical mural.