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Somebody has been shopping again

Dave went shopping yesterday with Ted and Scottie, and returned with….. a toolbox, tools, raw plugs, plugs, brass objects and picture frames. Our working corner is growing and gents are enjoying having things to repair, sort out and polish. Picture frames are being cleaned so that we can start our photo wall.

A brand new skittles team arrived!

The skittles team from the Lodge is getting ready to take on the other two teams. Thanks to the hospitality of GWRSA we are now going to the club three times a week. Yesterday Harry, Norman, Denis and Arthur had a great game – a fabulous way to spend Wednesday morning!

Why do most people cannot keep away from our kitchen?

Regardless of the day of the week or time of the day there is always people being busy in our kitchen – making teas, washing, drying, putting things away. A natural place to being with others whilst being purposeful.

Time for a good catch-up …

whilst others were working out yesterday and a chance to check out Dave’s new t-shirt!

Some of us take fitness seriously….

whether it is working in the garden, walking or joining our Tuesday’s yoga class.