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As we started constructing the raised vegetable beds we got really excited, realising there was an opportunity to make big improvements to how residents use the terrace and garden. By spring time we will have a new terrace alongside the chicken run, in the process connecting the bungalow terrace with the main terrace, so giving easy access to the chicken run and the bungalow terrace for our residents. There will be a new lawn on the upper level that residents can see and access directly from the lounge, and where they can sit in the shade under a pergola surrounded by fragrant climbers – a perfect place to spend some time with family and friends. A new access path down to the vegetable beds and the gardens will run straight down from the lounge door and we believe this will invite many more residents to grow vegetables and explore the gardens. A new gate door will provide garden access onto Isca Road. By keeping the ‘traffic’ away from the downstairs rooms, those rooms will have a greater sense of privacy. We have gone through several iterations of the design to make the sure the layout is safe and logical so that it is easy for residents to navigate, including those that use a wheelchair. I think we got there now….

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