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…or the challenges of keeping up with your residents!

Person-centred care is perhaps the most used and least well understood phrase in Care Homes.

For us at Rose Lodge it means giving residents the widest possible choice of opportunities to lead meaningful lives. At times that means being challenged by residents. This was once such occasion.

Harry is  very active and capable in the garden, gardening for several hours a day and he has made a fantastic contribution to getting the garden under control and looking great. In the process he produced a vast quantity of woody material that would not have composted in ten years.

For a couple of weeks now he has challenged us to let him burn the wood. When we asked ourselves the ‘why not ? question (the most useful question in dementia care perhaps ?) we could not come up with a good enough answer,  and so this week we fashioned a make-shift fire pit. Today Harry, Rene, and I spent a pleasurable morning chopping up and burning wood, just in time before the pupils from the Beacon School came to grow vegetables with our residents (unfortunately I cannot publish photos of the children on this blog).

There could have been several answers to the ‘why not’ question, involving words such as Regulations, Vulnerable Adults, Safeguarding, Mental Capacity, Health and Safety, and Minimising Risk. Those words can so easily close our minds to creative solutions that can help to bring meaning to people’s lives. For one person for one day ‘meaning’ was found in burning wood. That’s good enough.

What next ? Well we are going to replace our make-shift fire pit with a properly constructed one, and it won’t  be long before you will find us sitting around the fire, singing songs, and roasting marshmallows on a warm summer evening.



One Response to “WHY NOT ?”

  • Pam Downing:

    Dad (Harry) has always loved a bonfire! It would have given him so much pleasure to burn the wood. We have had some great moments as a family round bonfires so it was fab to see him doing what he has always done!
    Thanks again for all you are doing for Dad – my husband has been very ill and we cannot come to see Dad at present, but knowing he is well cared for and happy I don’t have to cope with guilt about not seeing him.
    Rose Lodge is so right for him – I love to see him being recognised for the unique individual that he is!
    Bless you all!
    Pam (daughter)

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