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A special birthday present

Ruth has been keenly looking after our chickens, collecting their eggs and making sure that they have feed and water. So when Ruth’s grand-daughter visited it was no surprise that she was just as keen on the chickens, and helped Ruth look after our chickens. Ruth hatched a little plan which was to buy Catherine a couple of hens for her birthday. So off we went today to Tiphayes farm where Ruth choose a couple of 12 week old chicks, a partidge wellsummer, and a yellow crested legbar. On the way there we got ourselves lost and a very friendly old lady showed us the way. The drive to Ruth’s grand-daughter took us through some lovely country lanes and just before we got there we had to wait a few minutes for some sheep to pass the road. When we got to Catherine’s farm, Ruth knew immediately where to go and took us in through the back-door.

After a cup of tea we all went back to the car and Ruth gave Catherine her two chickens. She was SO excited! Soon the chickens were settled in their new run, fed and watered. Ruth wanted to collect a few things for her room at Rose Lodge and spent a while going through her things. She selected some of the pictures that she had painted over the years which brought her happy memories and a couple of special books. One of the books was written by one of her sisters, and she brought a cook book (Two dat ladies) back for Chris, one of her friends at Rose Lodge who she cooks with sometimes. On the way back we took the soft-top down and Ruth wore a pair of sunglasses looking very glamorous. Ruth had been talking non-stop on the way up, reminiscing about the various trips that she had made as a child, mother, and grad-mother. She was very quiet on the way back though, and soon dozed off. The following day Phil helped her hang her pictures on the wall and she proudly showed her gallery to people at Rose Lodge. In her words she was ‘showing off’ – and why not ? The pictures are amazing, and tell a little story about her life.

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