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Donna – ten years and counting

Donna is a member of our housekeeping team and she has been with us for over ten years. We owe her an enormous debt of gratitude for her dedication in making sure that residents can live in a pleasant environment. She embodies the saying “few of us can do complicated things but all of us can do simple things really well”. Her dedication comes from a deep love for our residents and our residents love her back. Thank you Donna.


Welcome Shannon

Putting a smile on someone’s face – that is dementia care

Welcome back Alicia

We have missed you!

Ten-day hospital stay is enough to make pensioners age 10 years, new NHS medical chief warns 

Elderly patients stuck in hospital beds are ageing 10 years in 10 days, the new medical director of the NHS has warned, as he called for sweeping reforms of the health service.

Prof Stephen Powis said the biggest task facing the NHS is to adapt to “profound shifts” in patterns of ill-health, by building community services to keep pensioners out of hospital.

In his first intervention since taking up the post, he suggested the current approach was jeopardising the health of the most vulnerable, by “trapping” patients in unsuitable settings, which stripped too many of long-term mobility.

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If you are reading this on Facebook…

….you will see an avalanche of blogs today. I am catching up with pictures taken over the past month at the Cottage and the Lodge. They are filed on our website retrospectively on the correct dates. Our feed into facebook isn’t smart enough to post retrospectively so it looks like we’re ever so busy. Well we are but not that busy!