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Percival the teddy.

The Lodge is our small community for people living with the later stages of dementia. This afternoon Paul entertained the residents (and staff!) with his old school music hall performance. Even Percival the teddy enjoyed himself.

Percival comes with quite a story. His owner was asked to leave her care home because it was felt that Percival did not fit into the ethos of the care home. This can often happen to teddies and their owners in regular care homes where non-conventional behaviour can be frowned upon by other residents and staff.

Luckily for Percival we are not a regular care home and we were delighted for him and his owner to come and live in the Lodge. Over time Percival has been adopted by some of the other residents and he brings much pleasure. Let’s be honest – who would not enjoy cuddling up to a teddy every now and then ?







Getting round the garden on your electric scooter.

Magic! An unexpected benefit of our new ‘yellow brick road’.




Extraordinary frogs

Angie keeps thinking of funky new themes for the weekly art session. This week the theme was frogs. Notice the use of an ipad. Who says older people struggle with technology ? Notice also the intense concentration – nothing else matters when you are being creative – real moments of magic..


Oh No – not another puzzle!

Let’s face it we don’t always feel like doing a puzzle. Personally I never do!


You could be forgiven for thinking there was something else going on here. But no, just the weekly yoga session.