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Let’s bring spring inside

With rain coming down in the morning we went to Green Fingers; Reg suggested we get come of the beautiful primroses for the dinning room. Elsie got some dwarf daffodils as well and after a cup of tea we went back to plant and help Jan set the tables for lunch

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It is important to walk every day, you know

Margaret is already a member of our walking group, being an ex-rambler and a very fit walker, and today was no different. Leaving the walk until the air warmed up, Margaret loved walking in the sunshine with Elsie, Rene and Dennis.

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Margaret and Jan – a big welcome

Margaret and Janet joined our lively community very recently and are already feeling at home. They are already members of the choir and enthusiasts of our discos. Both Margaret and Jan love our animals and Tinka has already received lots of love and cuddles on both laps! Welcome!!

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Bill’s puzzles

Bill is a puzzle enthusiast and this morning had a go with our puzzles which he did enjoy and agreed to another puzzle date tomorrow lol

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Spring is in the air

which was a good time for a garden and building work inspection by Harry and a very brisk walk with John enjoying the sun on his face. Let us hope this promises to be a warm and sunny year

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