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Horses for courses

For Harry it is looking after the grounds, digging and keeping the lower garden tidy. For Rene, it is looking after the terrace including putting furniture away for the night. For Ron it is being outside doing what he loves most – contributing using his skilful hands and patience to paint our numerous wooden surfaces. With a short break today for a fitness class (yes!), Ron painted the rabbit hatch and more storage boxes. Thank you Ron, they look fab!


New Garden Fixtures?

Few people wondered if we have had any new garden furniture brought in – benches, chairs and whether any replacement of bannisters happened.

The answer is RON who spent the last couple of weeks outside giving the garden furniture lots of TLC. And the result is as you can see – new looking bannisters and benches. Thank you RON

IMG_2587 IMG_2589 IMG_1968IMG_2588

Party Time

With 5 strong band of Memory Lane equipped with vintage microphones and fashion, we did not need much to have a great afternoon’s party. After the first half of dancing, we settled well with a glass of punch and a cake for the second half of great music and just a little bit more of dancing…..

Thank you to everyone who made this possible! And big thanks to the Memory Lane, we will see you again soon.

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We welcome Diane to the choir

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Easter Fever – Raining Eggs

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