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Quiz, hat fashion show and Richard

Our quiz is always such much more than that and today was no different. Two teams and today we had ‘Progress’ and ‘Out of this world’. Out of this world was very very happy to welcome Richard who was just brilliant. In the meantime James and Helen showed off Maslen’s collection of hats and Rene had one of his stand-up comedy acts! It is just a quiz:) Progress won…..


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Who could resist this?

I do not think we would find many people that would and that included Enid who spent a while with Gavin’s blue eye cherub this afternoon. Bob and Bettie too fell under the little rascal’s charm. The best thing is that you can give the little ones back to their parents when you are tired! Ohhhhh that therapeutic value of babies……

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Why bother going out so much?

Feel the sun on your face and the cool sea breeze, hear the birds singing their hearts out, see the spring blossom in January, watch people going on with their lives, see the horse drawn cart and the lifeboat – feel alive and come back home with  a smile on your face and high spirits

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Another rainy day……

and at home it meant choir, quiz, books, puzzles, boggle, bowling, hand and nails, and of course the beauty salon.

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Anyone for singing?

Our social club events tend to be full and well liked. Ethne and Philippa enjoyed the song choice on Tuesday from Bert, John, Betty, Dennis, Kay and Reg. 

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