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Meg used to be a walker and continues to keep it up. The beautiful autumn has not kept Meg inside much so far. We are all hoping for a good winter! We have certainly become a standard fixture along the lanes and meet other regular walkers or dog walkers every day, stopping for a chat and a dog hug.






The Guy

It seems we started a new tradition with the building and burning of the guy who proved to be an irresistible dancing partner for a number of staff on the day  😀

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Happy Birthday in style Harry

It was Harry’s birthday today, celebrated jointly with Guy Fawkes! Happy birthday Harry from everyone

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The ingredients of a good Guy Fawkes Party

Great company, high spirits, full house, good supply of spicy mould wine and chilli, games, fireworks and yes, the first burning of our own Guy Fawkes made yesterday. Big thanks to the families, friends and the staff who made this such a great night. The winners of the themed quiz are – the draw and The loudest team – Karen’s, The quietly confident team – Barry’s, The cheeky team – Carol’s.

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We take fitness seriously you know….

the classes are popular AND everyone is putting in energy and focus. With Mick even a 30minute class leaves people warm and feeling their muscles and joints working  😀 

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