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Cold weather? Not for the experienced walkers here


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Cold weather and fashion

Who says one can not look elegant even when the weather is cold? Joy knows the answer – the hat, the gloves and the coat complete a great look.

By the way the young, animated woman is Emily – Emily is planning to study medicine next year and joined our team as part of her work experience. Good luck Emily!

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Relationships and the bigger world

Having a friend one can rely on and being able to share special moments together – anything else?

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Rose Lodge at the Sidmouth Pavilion Theatre

25 tickets, a coach, Rosemobile, drinks and food and we descended onto the Pavilion on Monday afternoon. An early Xmas show with well known music which we all enjoyed and joined the whole theatre in the songs. Who made it on Monday? 17 residents (we had unexpected colds doing rounds) – Phillipa, Clorin, Ethne, Ethel, Clare, Birt, Harry, Gerry, Betty, Joy, Joyce, John, Dennis, Rene, Reg, Enid, Harry. Thanks to everyone who made it happen!

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We remember

at home and during the remembrance parade at the square. For Harry, the remembrance took many forms including remembrance with the friends he met.

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