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Express Yourself at the Rose Lodge Drama Club!

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Drama Club? Creative Club?

Drama Club – what drama? Expressing yourself, listening to perfectly read poetry, reading poetry, spending time with friends, contributing.  Enid, Kay and Joyce posses amazing knowledge of poetry; they joined Maslen who reads the poems by reciting them from memory!  This afternoon 14 people joined the club. Thank you all and thank you Maslen! Those who chose not to join the club enjoyed books.

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Enid is determined to get back her  fitness – she has last week rejoined the fitness class and is taking walks in the garden; the ramp’s gentle slope is a great extra! 

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The choir welcomes Clorin

Clorin has a lovely voice and enjoys music, and it has taken her about a year of listening to the choir practice before she decided it was good enough to join the team!

Welcome Clorin! The love of music extended when Clorin decided yesterday to go to the Singing for the Brain which she enjoyed tremendously!

We took today’s choir practice on the smaller terrace taking the advantage of the summer. It was hot in the sun!

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How to enjoy the sunshine in style

Clorin and Ethne know how to! Take the best view in town in an amazing sun trap followed by cup of coffee in the Devoncourt Hotel – how else  😆

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