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Let’s get going!

Reg’s fitness and strength have shot up and now the circular walks have become easy, overtaking others on many occasions 😀  Dancing too is slowly creeping onto Tuesday afternoons! That’s what you call getting on with life!


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Trip to town, shopping or watching the world go by……

😀 all of the above it seems.

 Betty loves shopping and she proved she can do that even with seemingly no money. Key is a much more restrained shopper happy to do window shopping (just like me!). A quick ‘let’s pop down to town’ trip turned out to be about gambling – Dennis’s lottery tickets; finding a pair of new shoes at the charity shop for less that £5 and having c0ffee while watching the world go be in the Magnolia Centre.  Great morning!


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Rose Lodge Choir Performing in Exeter

They loved us last year and so the choir was invited to perform again, this time in Exeter University. A strong team of 10, together with the choir Mistress Chanda, Michelle, Barry, Mary and Karen arrived in style. Delicious lunch, drinks relaxed everyone for a great performance. The song choice and the sining was well received with quite a few people coming to the choir members to say thanks! What a great team 😀

Big thanks to Gemma and everyone working on that day for making this happen! You know who you are 😀  Big thanks to Phil who drove people in Rosemobile despite the fact that he had something already booked for that day.

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Newcastle FC great and loyal supporter, Tom can often be found reading football related books and following football stories in the newspapers. Yesterday Tom shared with us in the garden a book created for him which tracks the story of the club since 1905 through newspapers. Fascinating!

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Catching up with reading under the pergola

Perfect recipe for a sunny hot afternoon. Harry finally burnt his garden rubbish in the morning…

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