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Archive for September, 2013

Just Living

It is the small things that at the end of the day make us happy, and make us feel needed and useful – from doing light work outside in the fresh air and finishing it with well earned coffee to doing the washing after lunch.

Betty spotted the camera and could not resist a shot with Calum 😀

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Reg and the Pleasures of Active Lifestyle

Reg joined us towards the end of May. 4 months later he found friends and lives his life to the full enjoying an active lifestyle. Now, he enjoys the benefits of his hugely increasing fitness – from dancing to longer walks. On Monday Reg walked his longest walk, most part of which is taking on the slopes of Douglas Avenue, Lime Kiln Lane and Long Lane

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Musical Waves in the Indian Autumn Air

The effect of the physical setting (garden, terrace, pond, water, colours, sunshine, shade, own space, coffee, cake, friends, family) and that of sang music on a lot of people continues to amaze us. This afternoon was no different. Tom assumed the position of the lead singer next to Bruce and Claire sang beautifully with her strong and perfect voice. Friends and family joined too! Ethne loves the warmth of the sun, the atmosphere and the music.

Perfect day combined with blackberry picking trips, walks, reading library books, hanging washing, coffee and cake on the terrace…………

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Fitness Rose Lodge Style

Fitness is important to us all, as is the opportunity for a social gathering and a good laugh. Bettie scores high on the last one! Even Phil could not resist it!

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Indian Summer is here after all Friday and we celebrate it in one busy morning

We take good weather seriously – we go and get it on the seafront, on the terrace and in Budleigh Salterton with Ethne. How else?  


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