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Archive for August, 2013

A lazy hot afternoon in the garden

Rene feeding the chickens with Jamie with bread crust, Reg watering the raised beds and pots, Dennis doing regular quality control checks, Betty spending time with Harry on their bench under the Cedar tree and welcoming family and friends, Claire and Meg taking her walk around the garden, John, Enid, Ethne and Tom soaking up the sun, Kay in her favourite spot under the weeping ash. Finally, the last four standing (Harry, Enid, Reg and Tom), settling down for supper under the pergola. Bliss…

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Rose Lodge’s First Babies

Yes, it is true. We have had our first babies at Rose Lodge. It seems we have either two or three baby doves – difficult to know exactly as they still have not left the dovecot! We have been watching them this afternoon looking at the big world from their nests.

IMG_0492 IMG_0493 IMG_0494 IMG_0495

Joy’s wonderful wedding

couple of weeks ago Joy went to a family wedding which by the looks of it was just perfect! 

IMG_0454 IMG_0453

Walking Club is going strong

So many people enjoy walks in the company of friends and  also dogs, babies and other walkers, our walking club takes the advantage of beautiful weather with daily walks along quiet lanes. 

IMG_0444 IMG_0446 IMG_0449  IMG_0447 IMG_0451


Who does not like window shopping

Stereotypes would indicate men although I can see rather a lot that would window shop for tools or gadgets! Today, Betty, Kay and Philippa enjoyed the farmer’s market in the square which they agreed works wonders since its redesign allowing people to watch the world go by in comfort. We could not resist a quick look at the indoor market 😀

IMG_0443 IMG_0440 IMG_0439 IMG_0438 IMG_0437