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Getting Lunch Ready with the help from Kay and Betty

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Taking Over the Long Lane

Sometimes it feels like we are the only people walking up and down the Long Lane  😆 This morning was no exception. The blackberries are getting riper every day and this morning we enjoyed  some very sour ones (or did we?)


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Music together

Tuesday live music and singing sessions are popular with most people and also families/friends spending time together while singing. Today we had another wonderful afternoon with some great voices from Bert, Claire, Harry and John. Eileen simply loves the piano …..

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Annual Bowling Competition

We played our Annual Bowling Competition today.

The players included Gerry, John, Dennis, Harry, Reg, Kay, Meg, Joy, Barry, James, Peter, Joanna with support from Claire, Rene, Ethne and Clorin who watched the games. Last year the residents knocked out staff during the heats (!); this year James, Barry and Peter had very good games. We will announce the winner and will have the handing over of the trophy to this year’s winner next week so watch this space. Gerry could not stop himself from moving the chairs back onto the terrace after the game – thank you Gerry!

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A rose between the thorns…

or, according to Rene, the beauty and the 7 dwarfs during today’s lunch

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