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Friday afternoons

in the summer – for some an opportunity to enjoy the garden and the sun, and have a little snooze; for others a chance for some fun while keeping fit with Mick. The bands and boxing are the favourites.

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Just Living

And enjoying it along the way

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The waiting game – al fresco dining team vs the rain

After the choir we were playing the waiting game with the rain – who will be left standing in the garden? Us or the rain drops. Needless to say, we won and the rain drops did not manage to scare us away.

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Irresistible choir starring today Claire and John

Great turnout for the choir today in the garden despite less than promising morning. Chanda, our choir mistress is demanding we all agree! Some great singing enjoyed by many not forgetting Claire’s and John’s spectacular singing. Thank you choir  😀

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The new ornament for our pond

Today we received a present – an animated, adorable ornament to our pond. We think it fits beautifully.

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