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Elegant, sensitive and attuned to others, dry sense of humour and ability to laugh at oneself. Great company and friend

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Keeping an eye on the harvest and flower beds

It looks like blackcurrants will soon be ready for early picking and the flower beds around the town look lush too. Spot checking done along our lanes and in town, it deserves a cuppa.

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Us and the pets

Ethne and Archie like one another. This afternoon when catching sun before supper with Archie napping on her lap, Ethne talked about Siamese cats and their superior intelligence. To the delight of Joyce, the rabbit lover.

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Helping hands

The desire to help others does not discriminate. And it will present itself across all boundaries.
Today Rene took care when someone else felt lost by spending quiet time in the garden, John was a gentleman when walking with Joy, and then with Harry made sure Kay was safe when they took to the sun.

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A mysterious benefactor?

Two large flower pots with beautiful plants appeared outside the garden gate today. If this is a donation – big thanks to the benefactor!

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