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Archive for June, 2013

Keeping fit and having fun in the sunshine

Great fitness session today with Mick. Boxing is still the most favourite part of the afternoon ūüėÄ ¬†Today gentlemen allowed me to¬†join¬†in with boxing. Great fun! After that, only coffee and relaxing to the sounds of sweet music would do!

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Lazy Sunny Afternoon

Enjoying the garden, listening to the sounds of sweet music, coffee, singing,¬†dancing¬†and enjoying the company. This turned out to be a day in the garden from morning to evening. Including golf with Chanda in the morning. You cannot find a single person able to resist Chanda’s voice and choice of songs. Bliss! Ethne and Meg were the last two standing in the garden at 5.30pm!

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Our garden

Our garden provides opportunities for lots of us to get involved.  Some develop a daily routine following their passions, others join in when the mood takes them. Today, as we were enjoying the rather rare sunshine and warmth was no exception. With sweet peas in flower and strawberries slowly ripening the garden is full of sweet surprises. Claire, Enid, Rene and Joy enjoyed watering the strawberries and flowers.Gerry as usual was busy with Jay and Harry continued on his project. Betty enjoyed picking sweet peas and strawberries; they taste great!

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Ethne loves the outdoors, the sounds of the summer and even more the sounds of certain music. Today, Ethne’s eyes were glistening as we all listened to smooth sounds of classic songs and dance music. Ethne’s face was radiant as she talked about her mother going to shows when she was young. Listening to Chanda’s singing and the rest of us bursting into spontaneous songs and dance put a smile on her face. What a wonderful day it was.

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Living together

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