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Archive for May, 2013

Our weekly afternoon dance and music party

Thanks to Julie John can enjoy a break over coffee. Harry entertained visitors and friends ūüėÄDSC_0030 DSC_0041 DSC_0040 DSC_0037 DSC_0035 DSC_0034 DSC_0032

Exmouth Festival

Exmouth Festival is a great event and it such a shame to see after two wonderful days of a weekend a return of¬†autumn? Last year the festival was drenched with rain. Still Betty and Rene enjoyed it until the rain rushed us back home ūüėÄ We found time though to enjoy some great flowers there.¬†

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Welcome Reg

Reg joined us this week and is getting stuck in those activities that might interest him and offer good company РPub Quiz yesterday where his  team enjoyed great victory and fitness with Mick today

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Morning Community

Our rhubarb has been very popular for cooking mornings. Its bright colour makes it easier for people to see it and its shape is easy to hold which means that a lot people can chop it independently. Clorin gave Enid a hand today with sorting the pile of napkins for lunch. Today a lot of people came ti help with the tables which look lovely with the wild flowers. Thank you

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A very windy and still fun and busy Thursday

Not that many of us wanted to go out today in the wind. Still Doreen loved going to the lanes and picked a wonderful bunch of wild flowers which she arranged upon return with Meg, Enid and Sylvia while giving everyone a spontaneous singalong. The choir today was amazing with Frank giving his strong and trained voice. What can I cay Рthe primarily gents team with Reg as the team leader went through to a spectacular victory. Congratulations. Just before supper Rene, Joy and Gerry decided to brave the winds and pop for a quick stroll to the seafront Рa very quick one.

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