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Julie and Doreen….

…were doing a puzzle together for a good hour today. Julie joins us every other Tuesday and seems to be really enjoying herself.  She is officially the busiest person at Rose Lodge and we love her for it.


Our new kittens…

…arrived today and they are still quite shy. I suspect that won’t last very long! I just hope they won’t enjoy chewing the stairs carpet!



…was visited by two friends today who used to work for her at the pathology lab. They stayed for John’s piano playing and told me Philippa was a great manager but quite strict – no surprises there. And she had an amazingly good memory, for example she knew the phone numbers of all the doctors in the area. The team still meet up once a month – it looks like their next get-together will be at Rose Lodge which will be just wonderful for Philippa.


Irene’s tree

Irene’s family donated a gorgeous Kilmarnock willow in memory of Irene who passed away recently. It was planted today – by Harry in Harry’s patch of course. Just far enough from his burn pit to not get damaged.

20130430-160559.jpg 20130430-160614.jpg 20130430-160635.jpg


…had a lovely quiet chat with Debbie in the salon today after her pampering session.

This week we introduced salon appointment cards for those who can plan ahead a little. Gerry and Betty are both booked in for Thursday. It will be interesting to see how people respond to the appointment cards. While we focus most of our efforts on helping residents to live actively in the present, we think it is nice for some residents to have a reminder of an event that they can look forward to later that day or later in the week.