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Archive for February, 2013

Rene and Harry leading the choir

Rene and harry joining in with the weekly choir practice. 

Rene also sang a French song for the choir, it will take some time to practice that one!


Quiz time with Maz x

The residents love their weekly pub quiz with Maz. ¬†Harry’s team won but only just !!!



How many wives ?


Betty enjoys the occasional cigarette, particularly when she joins staff in the smoking shed. I have to admit to also indulge in the bad habit and this morning I was out there with Mel who is helping me with the never-ending mountain of paperwork once a week.

After I went back inside, Betty exclaimed “My goodness, how many wives does HE have ?”

Yes I do like to be beside the seaside

At our weekly choir practice this morning.


Garden waste bonfire

20130228-143244.jpg 20130228-143301.jpg 20130228-143730.jpg


Harry just loves fires !