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Archive for January, 2013

Spring look on the tables

Shades of green, white and a hint of pink add a fresh look to the dining room. Thank you Rene, Doreen, Philippa, Meg and Joy.


45-9th jan 2013 flowers 46-9th jan 2013 flowers2 47-9th jan 2013 flowers3

What a small world

Getting our and around is something everyone enjoys weather providing; not only we experience change of scenery, link with the outside world and seasons, meet strangers, watch the world go by and bump into friends.

How was today in comparison – we enjoyed beautiful views, listened to birds, watched families, walkers and joggers; dogs of all assortment and…. Harry, who was a solder in the 2nd world war across Europe and Africa, ended up talking to a gentleman who as a soldier was also stationed in Egypt! 10 minutes later with stories exchanged we moved on only for Meg to bump into friends that she has not seen for a while. 

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2013 Garden Games Season is Open

We just could not sit inside this afternoon with the sun shining, no wind and spring in the air! Instead we decided to open our garden games season. While the lawn is far too wet for lawn bowls we had a good game of skittles on the terrace organised by Chris. Excellent scores from Doreen, Joy, Bob (who came today for the first time) and of course Chris. Meanwhile Ethel and I inspected the raised beds and I noted carefully Ethel’s advice on the geraniums that survived Christmas. Everyone went down to the lower garden to check the veg raised beds, our fruit shrubs covered with buds and herbs. Bliss! Ah, yes – gardening season is fast approaching  🙄

60-9th jan 2013 open garden12 55-9th jan 2013 open garden7 51-9th jan 2013 open garden3 50-9th jan 2013 open garden259-9th jan 2013 open garden11 58-9th jan 2013 open garden10 57-9th jan 2013 open garden9 53-9th jan 2013 open garden5 61-9th jan 2013 open garden13  59-9th jan 2013 open garden11 62-9th jan 2013 open garden14

A quiet afternoon?

When we think of a quiet afternoon after lunch we will typically imagine people sitting in armchairs, asleep or nodding away – I certainly remember ourselves doing that over Christmas, some of us with significant sound effects! While this is also needed sometimes, our quiet times mean relaxing over newspapers, books, chatting with friends while taking a walk. Our replenished library with carefully selected books and  lots of fab magazines donated very kindly every month by Tom’s daughter (thank you Lynn!) attract more attention.  Feels just like home or a very social social club 😀  

63-9th jan 2013 books 68-9th jan 2013 community 69-9th jan 2013 books6 70-9th jan 2013 community2 74-9th jan 2013 books8 72-9th jan 2013 books7 71-9th jan 2013 community3 75-9th jan 2013 books9  66-9th jan 2013 books4

A new drama society?

How do you get complete silence in the lounge with staff and residents completely engrossed in what is going on? Join our drama club! Or is it a society? Today half of residents joined the drama club, so we had a fair amount of musical chairs an hour before……. Within minutes the remaining residents, visitors and staff stopped to listen to beautifully read poetry, prose and joined in the final sing-along. It was truly amazing.


43-7th jan 2013 drama 44-7th jan 2013 drama2